"Call Me Mr. Heavy Metal, I am the man with Strenght Of Steel" - how to not love a band with lyrics like this, and song titles such as "Metal Shock", "Metal Inferno" or "Metal Immortal Power"? Oh, and let’s not forget all of them come from an album titled "Let Metal Rule The World", which is third full lenght studio release of HELLHOUND. The first band that comes to my mind while I listen to HELLHOUND is METALUCIFER, as both bands come from Japan, and both are so extremely Metal, than you can easily say they are more Metal than Metal itself. They are not playing Metal, they live and breathe Metal. But while METALUCIFER is closer to NWoBHM, HELLHOUND plays much faster and more aggressively. I bet that bands such as EXCITER, SAVAGE GRACE or AGENT STEEL are between personal favorites of HELLHOUND members, but from the other side, many of these riffs and harmonies could land on some MAIDEN or RAVEN release. Great, great, great. Check them out!

"Let Metal Rule The World" is out now on Black Listed Records.
Visit the band @ www.hellhound-japan.com

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